How We Do It

Since most of these events are outside (on a closed road, under a portico, in a parking lot etc.) our events need to be self-contained. Through generators we provide our electrical needs for clippers and blow dryers. Through a carpet cleaning truck we provide the water we need to wash the hair of our patrons and then we bring in all the canopies, tables and chairs.

The key of these events are our volunteers; we could not do it without our barbers and our beauticians, as well as our many other volunteers (setup, check-in, hair stylist, food etc.) For each event we have individuals sign up for a slot to volunteer. We average between 120-140 volunteers depending on the size of the event.

Finally, it is NOT what these volunteers do that makes a difference, it is how they do it, that does. The love and kindness with which these volunteers serves make an immediate impact to those we serve, They immediately feel their love and an instant connection is made. As we always say “the haircuts is only the means, helping them feel love, hope and that people CARE is the goal”