What We Do

CARE-Cuts provides haircuts and mini makeovers to men, women and children who are homeless and refugees.

When we started, since it was supposed to be a one-time event, we did not own any of the items we needed for our first event, we raised a little money and funded the rest to make it possible.

Once we realized we were going to move forward with more events, we decided to raised money. The Kahlert Foundation was the first to believe in us and through their generous donation we were able to buy the canopies, the tables, the chairs and the capital items we needed to conduct ongoing events. We decided to have an annual black-tie event to fund our ongoing operational expenses.

Initial we started working with the homeless community and later we began to also work with the refugee community we felt that the goal was the same to help feel loved, that there is hope and that there are those who CARE.